Thursday, September 1, 2016

Who Are America's Patriots?


This is an excellent piece from Counterpunch which details our Age of Perpetual War. It focuses on former Senator from Nebraska Bob Kerry's resume' including his lead role in a CIA sponsored attack on Thanh Phong village during which 15 civilians were massacred. No enemy combatants were killed, and very likely were not even present. This was part of the CIAs infamous Phoenix Program that was implemented to inflict terror on the NLF as well as family, friends and sympathizers. It is estimated that five million people were killed during the years 1962 - 1973. Fifty eight thousand American soldiers lost their lives in a war to defend America's imperial designs on the region. As the reign of senseless death continues without pause, perhaps we should all consider sitting out the national anthem." Patriotism is about making your country a better place." Who are America's patriots?

 Imperial America



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